A new level
of elegance, precision
& power.

We’ve blended human-centered design with smart technology to create a height adjustable standing desk that is better suited to the needs of today’s corporate New Zealand workplaces.

Super Fast Assembly Time for Single Desk

20 Year

Control System

Low Power Consumption

Ultra Quiet Motors Under 40dB

Designed in Germany

Designed in Germany. Built for New Zealand.

The way we work has changed. Your business needs furniture that has evolved, too. Synonymous with quality, innovation and engineering mastery, our unique German-designed adjustable standing desks are an intuitive, intelligent solution, designed to meet the evolving dynamics of corporate New Zealand workplaces.

Easy 10-minute assembly.

While our functionality is impressive, we’ve kept the set-up simple. In fact, a single sided Klever desk can be assembled in just 10 minutes – the fastest assembly time for a standing desk system in New Zealand, thanks to our German designed, patented fold-out leg system, so you can get your office fit-out up and running with minimal disruption.

A Smarter, more intuitive way to work.

With the help of integrated technology you can support your staff in performing at their best in the very place it matters most – their workstation.
If you chose to upgrade to the Klever Link system, you can enjoy the benefits of the MOTION@work app, puting personal comfort in the palm of your employees’ hand. Using contactless technology, they can ensure any desk is in the optimal position for their own well-being, transforming sedentary workstations into healthier, more productive spaces.

* Klever Link is an optional upgrade and does not come standard.

Stylish, functional accessories.

With a range of optional extras, your work environments can be customised for both comfort and function – without compromising on aesthetics. Using ergonomic principles and human-centred design, Klever accessories work seamlessly with the look and usability of our desks, including chairs, privacy screens and storage.

Earth-friendly design and packaging.

Choosing a Klever desk is also a more conscious choice for the planet. Our worktops are made using New Zealand-made Laminex® board, and arrive to you in NZ made recyclable packaging*. With energy efficiency in mind, our technology keeps standby power consumption as low as 0.1 watt – reducing CO₂ emissions to an absolute minimum.

* Worktops only in recyclable packaging, new Klever leg packaging in development.

The Klever Range.

The future of furniture is intelligent and intuitive. Create a smart, healthy and productive environment fit for tomorrow’s workers with our height adjustable standing desks and stylish, functional accessories.


Choose single or double sided sit-to-stand desks with intuitive integrated technology.


Keep workstations tidy in style with our under-desk office storage solutions.


Create privacy and personal space without compromising on open-plan aesthetics.


Create privacy and personal space without compromising on open-plan aesthetics.

Monitor Arm

Promote good posture with the added versatility of an ergonomic monitor arm.



Klever Desk™ Single & Double Electric: 620mm to 1270mm (Height adjustment includes worktop). Klever Desk™ Single Fixed Height: 730mm Weight capacity: 155 kg.

Desk on Standby

  • 1000 desks in standby = 100 Watt light bulb
  • 50 desks in standby = 5 Watt LED light.
  • 200 desks in standby = 1 standard phone charger in operation.


Desk in Operation

  • 50-desks operated hourly in standard working day = 100 Watt light bulb switched on for 8 hours.

State of the art Light Barrier system is built into the Klever Neo control box. The system recognises even the slightest obstruction, which in turn stops the table from moving further towards the hazard. The “drive back” function reverses the table a short distance after the collision is detected, giving you time and space to remove the obstacle. Light barrier systems are recognised as a more effective than gyroscope-centred competitors.

Simply contact your local OfficeMax account manager, to discuss a customied plan that will inspire and drive your workforce and business.

Klever Desk™ is the quietest electric desk in action – Under 40 decibels, reducing distractions for your workforce.

Yes. Active NFC, WiFi, and USB connectivity at your fingertips.

The Klever range of electric height adjustable standing desks and accessories is sold in New Zealand exclusively through OfficeMax.

For more information or to make an order, talk with your OfficeMax Account Manager or contact the team at:
0800 325 333